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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Three Dudes and You're Out

What I have learned at the Monroe Police Department's Citizen Academy:

Cops have a sense of humor and a knack for finding gross and funny movies on YouTube. Have you ever seen a wood spider under the influence of caffeine? TCP? Crack?

Cops have a depth of knowledge that astounds me. Did you know that a police Drug Recognition Expert crams the equivalent of a first-year medical school physiology course into one month?

Traffic stops are the most dangerous work that cops perform. Did you know that Timothy McVeigh was arrested because of a routine traffic stop?

Cops are passionate about keeping us safe.

Did you know that the Monroe Police Department's Community Service Officer has had extensive training in how to choose a child restraint system that fits your child and vehicle and that she will schedule individual appointments with parents, grandparents or others who transport children in their vehicles to advise on that fit?

A detective told our class "DUI is one crime I can interdict. Every DUI is one less death."

Did you know that there are more DUI-related deaths annually than the total number of combat deaths in the Vietnam War?

Want to be a cop?

The library has books and electronic resources to prepare you for a career in law enforcement.

Police Officer Exam

Just don't say DUDE! more than three times in the presence of an officer.


  1. Wait, what happens if you say, "Dude!" four times? Do you get a grammar citation? :) Inquiring minds must know.

  2. Did you know that on On May 10, 2009, Christopher Harris was outside Seattle’s Cinerama Theater when an officer charged at him and slammed his head into a wall, leaving him in a coma. Police were looking for a convenience store stabbing suspect when two witnesses mistakenly identified Harris. The King County sheriff's office has nearly completed its investigation of the incident and says that it appears to have been a "tragic accident."

  3. Did you know there are a lot more GOOD cops than BAD cops? Did you know law enforcement needs our support? The incident cited above has absolutely nothing to do with this blog.