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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Do You Know Who You Are?

Find Out With Sno-Isle Libraries Online Genealogy Databases Have you heard of the new TV show about celebrities researching their family trees? Well guess what, Genealogy Databases are available at the library for free. Ancestry Library Edition is available from library pcs and there are several other databases including HeritageQuest Online that are available from home too, all you need is a library card. And don't miss the recommended Web Sites.
Personally, I haven’t found a famous connection on my family tree, but I have found research posted by relatives who have traced one family name back to the 1600s. I also have found that my Grandmother's family traces back to a crossing from Germany to the Colonies in 1730. During the crossing a child was born to that family and the child’s name was Mary. My Grandma’s name is Mary, my Aunt’s name is Mary and my middle name - you guessed it - Mary. My Grandma always said that Mary was a “family name,” but now it has a bit more meaning for me. (photo of my Grandma Mary W. College Spring Break 1920 Montana)
There's a family rumor that President Zachary Taylor is a distant relation, but I haven’t found that “leaf” yet on the family tree.
Have you had any interesting finds or surprises while researching your family tree?

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  1. I used the Ancestry Library Edition to find long lost family members! My step-father passed away when I was 4, and although he raised me as his own child, I never saw his family after that. I was able to get in touch with one of his sisters and a cousin, and finally met them! Sometime this spring I will be meeting his daughter (my step sister!). How fun! And to think, I found them all from the comforts of my own library! :)