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Monday, February 1, 2010

What do the Volunteers at the Monroe Library do?

Do you ever wonder who cuts those little scratch papers that are by the computers? Who fills the plastic bag holders? Who gets your holds out on the hold shelf so quickly? How come those pencils are always sharpened and filled so perfectly? Notice how the paper is always filled and ready for you to print or copy?
Our volunteers are very valuable here in Monroe. We have several volunteers who come in daily to help us with opening procedures, pull books to fill holds, file our holds while we process the delivery, clean our book drop bins, shelves and table tops, help book mobile with cleaning of their childcare books, sharpen our pencils, cut scrap paper, and fill our plastic bag dispensers. We also have a Tech Teen program where the teens teach an internet and Library database class once a month!

Thank you volunteers for all the great work you do!

We do have openings for volunteers, contact for more information, or just come by and see me!

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