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Friday, January 29, 2010

What DO librarians read?

Occasionally on the front page of the Sno-Isle website you might see a banner titled "What We're Reading". You might wonder, "Who are the 'We' in the title?" In this case it is the Reader's Advisory Committee, who is in charge of this banner, picking titles for the book club kits, and a yearly Reader's Advisory training.

One of the common misconceptions of library employees is that they get to spend all day reading. This is very rarely the case. As a rule we do tend to read a LOT of books, but on our own time. The Reader's Advisory Committee is one of the ways we share that collected knowledge with others and with our patrons.

I have been privileged to be on the committee for two years now and it is easily one of my favorite library activities (and I get to play Rock Band with teenagers on a regular basis). Each one of the committee members contributes a week or two of titles to What We're Reading every couple of months and we put a lot of thought into the titles we pick. They can be new titles that we're really excited about or older titles that may have slipped under the radar. In all cases they are books we feel strongly about and hope you will give a chance. Check one out today.


  1. omg i didn't know librarians read i thought they just were volunteers

  2. In the top ten you have Hello Cupcake! and two other books on making cakes.
    "we put a lot of thought into the titles we pick...In all cases they are books we feel strongly about"
    And I always wonder why I didn't fit in as a Sno-Isle employee.

    1. To every reader his book.

  3. Wow. Sarcasm in the comments. Who would have thunk?

  4. Thank you! Reviewing your selections always helps me to remember that there is a literary world beyond the NYT Bestseller list (thank goodness!). Keep up the good work--including the three pastry books! :)

  5. Despite the sarcastic comments above (which I find unnecessary), I think that having a tab for "what we're reading" is very helpful when I don't have direction when looking for a new book. Thank you for the hard work!