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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Download Audiobooks at Home

Audiobooks have become a very popular format for people to experience great literature. Most popular books also come out in an audio version. These audiobooks are great for people in many different situations. They can help pass the time if you have a long commute every day to get to work or a road trip that you are taking to visit family for a holiday. They are also very helpful for our senior citizens who may be experiencing difficulty trying to read the small print found in most books. Even children can enjoy these audiobooks as a way to get more involved in literature and stories.

We currently have a system in place powered by Overdrive that allows you to check out and download audiobooks straight to your home computer even if the library building is closed. In some cases, you can then burn the audio on cds or even transfer it on to your portable music device (like the ipod). There is a program you must install on to your computer before you can use the system, but it is a fairly simple process. Just follow the directions in the "Quick Start Guide". I strongly encourage you to give this system a try. Also check out the music and video that you can download to your computer as well.

We would love to hear about your experiences using this library resource. Let us know what you like (or don't like) so we can help improve everyone's experience with downloading library materials. If you have any technical problems, please check out the FAQs or submit a technical support request. Enjoy!!!


  1. Overdrive is gross

  2. I downloaded and listened to my first Overdrive book today. It seems the sound level equalization needs work as some sections of the book were at a very low volume and others were very loud. Other than this minor quibble I think this style audio book is great. I like being able to use my own MP3 player (Sansa Clip) to using something like the Playaway's or even CD/tape.

  3. I love getting my audiobooks through Overdrive. It seems intimidating at first, but after my first one more than a year ago, it's been easy without any problems ever since. My only request is to have more titles in MP3 format, seems like most are in WMA. Thank you for providing this free service.

  4. Every book I want is not available in MP3 format and I have to listen to books through an old CD player. I really can not tell you whether the issues I am having are caused by Overdrive or by my CD player itself.

  5. There definitely are a lot more titles available in WMA format, but unless you are using a mac computer, many of those WMA files should work for most purposes. Make sure you look at the little icons beneath each title. They will tell you whether that specific title will work for different uses. For example, many WMA files will now work on Ipods. It used to be that those wouldn't work on the Ipod, but they have updated the software so that it will. Unfortunately, the mac computer system won't work for those WMAs yet.

    Also, if you think you might be having trouble with the process or with the Overdrive software, please do use the "technical support request" link in the above post. Thanks for your comments so far. Keep them coming!

  6. I've been using libraries' download services for years and love it. Since I've begun working from home, not listening to books has been the only drawback of not having a commute!