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Friday, October 23, 2009

Not just books...

and cds and DVDs and computer use. I was recently reminded of the important part the public library plays as a community gathering place during our Spanish language storytime. We had a very large crowd gather to kick off the weekly event with pizza and juice, financed by our wonderful Friends of the library group, followed by stories, rhymes and a bit of dancing. Finally, the children, and a few adults, worked on a craft to take home. Throughout the program I was amazed by the growth we have had in attendance and how many friendships have been created and fostered at this event. In fact, after the program many attendees will often take their children to the children's area to play while the adults continue to visit. Overall, I think this is testament to the fact that the library serves as a very important "third place."

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  1. Yae Friends of the Library! Love to see fun things getting taken care of: paid for, by means other than tax dollars
    Makes the tax dollars we do have, go farther, and still have great fun!
    Thanks for all you do,