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Monday, May 18, 2009

Google Earth

If you haven't checked out some of our new features on the public computers you may have been missing out. For instance, we have now added Google Earth to each computer. With Google Earth, you can view satellite images of all different places around the world. You can pull up images of your own home, a possible vacation spot, or even your favorite place to go on a weeknight, which we all know is your local Monroe Library of course!

It also allows you to see some really cool sights by using a 3D model of some locations. It won't create a 3D rendering of your own house, but try going to some scenic places with large elevation changes like Mount Ranier.

For those people who get really into this, you might even be able to submit your own scenic photos for inclusion in the program using the site which is also owned by Google. So give it a shot the next time you are in the library and find out what amazing things you can discover. Let us know if you find something really fascinating. We would love to see it as well.

(all photos came directly from Google Earth)

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  1. Just finished "The Lost City of Z", about a modern attempt to find the whereabouts of a famous Amazon explorer missing since 1925. Explorers then used highly prized secret cryptic maps and rumored trails -- and the author of "Z" just punched up the explorer's last known coordinates into Google Earth. So much for rugged adventure!